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UCLA Campus and Medical Center, near Westwood in LA, California

This category is for photographs of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) campus, including the Medical Center. I spent most of January, 2002, living on the UCLA campus -- my brother was being treated for Hodgkins disease at UCLA medical center at the time.
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UCLA Dental Center/Medical Center
UCLA Cafeteria (
UCLA Center for Health Sciences
Fox Squirrel at UCLA
UCLA Courtyard at Night
CHS Plaza at Night
Helicopter Taking Off from UCLA Helipad
UCLA Medical Center and CHS Plaza
UCLA Medical Center and PCHS Parking Lot
Lobby at Mattel Children's Hospital, UCLA
Helicopter Landing at UCLA Medical Center
Helicopter on UCLA Medical Center Helipad
UCLA and Westwood Village
UCLA Medical Center Care Partner
Kaval and Bill
UCLA Medical Center
Westwood Plaza and Strathmore at UCLA
Stairs to Portola Plaza
LA Tennis Center
10 East (Oncology) at UCLA
10 East (Oncology) at UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles Fire Dept. Helicopter
Royce Hall on the UCLA Campus
UCLA Bus Terminal
UCLA Biomedical Library
Sidewalk on Westwood Plaza at UCLA
Ackerman Union and UCLA Store
Stairway at Powell Library
Powell Library Atrium
UCLA Men's Gym
Janss Steps at UCLA
Court of Sciences at UCLA
Courtyard at UCLA Medical Center
CHS Plaza and Westwood Skyline
Stairs East of Bruin Plaza
Tree in Mathias Botanical Garden
UCLA Medical Center Courtyard
UCLA Outpatient Building
Moore Hall, UCLA
Wilshire Blvd and Westwood Plaza
UCLA Men's Gym
Westwood Plaza and Charles Young Drive
Powell Library
Kaufman Hall, UCLA
Janss Steps, Wilson Plaza, and Drake Stadium
Construction of UCLA Replacement Hospital
Tiverton House Lounge
UCLA Medical Plaza


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