Thumbnails of mia complex pictures

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

These pictures are from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts(MIA) complex, a cluster of three independent arts organizations. They are loosely affiliated, and share aesthetically similar and physically connected buildings. You can catch a play, see a Van Gogh, and view student artwork on the same block. There is a parking ramp for visitors on 3rd Avenue.

The three organizations there are:

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Drawings in the MCAD Cafeteria
MCAD Reception Crowd
Band at the MCAD Graduation Reception
Staircase inside the Morrison Building(MCAD)
MCAD Campus, New Building
The Children's Theatre Company
Chicks on Sticks at MIA
Hippo, Elephant, and Skeleton Puppets with Kids
Giant Elephant Puppet
Purple Hippo Eats Boy!
Chicks on Sticks at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts


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