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Information, tools, and techniques for the Linux operating

The computer used to create this website runs a version of the Linux operating system. This site is also hosted on a Linux-based webserver (named Dreamhost, who I have been happy with them for years). A short video (in the video section of this website) shows some Linux shell commands. A also made a second, longer, video tutorial of Linux commands that's hosted on youtube.

Linux is packaged and sold by multiple distributors (such as RedHat, Ubuntu, and others). Linux is one of the best known examples of open source software, which is generally lower in cost and higher in reliability. Linux can be bought at Best Buy for less than fifty dollars, or downloaded free of charge.

Linux has developed more and more features of a desktop operating system, and has always been know as a reliable server. I do everything listed below using Linux:

  • download photos taken with a Canon digital SLR on CompactFlash cards
  • Edit photos shot in Canon RAW format using BibblePro
  • Broadband internet access
    using dhclient (http://isc.org/products/DHCP/), installed automatically with Fedora Core. Once the cable modem was connected to the ethernet port, the connection worked.
  • create graphics using the Gimp.
  • generate postscript and pdf documents.
  • Email, web, and ftp (using Kmail, FireFox/Chrome, and GFTP).
  • Print photos on Canon i9900 photo printer using the Turboprint driver.
  • Run an SQL database (MySQL)
  • Run a webserver (Apache)
  • Edit home video (using Cinelerra/Kino)

My system

My main system runs Fedora Core with an Intel Pentium D 2.80 Ghz CPU, 2 GB of RAM and an ATI FirePro v3800 graphics card. A second system runs Ubuntu Linux.

This page last modified on 2012-01-30

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