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Malicious Prosecution lawsuit
Gregerson v. Smith, Parker, et. al.

Vladimir Kazaryan's Answer to the Complaint for Malicious Prosecution

malicious prosecution
-Smith's answer
-Kazaryan's answer
-motion to dismiss
-punitive damages
-summary judgment
petition for review

Vladimir Kazaryan is named as a defendant in the Complaint for malicious prosecution I filed May 28th, 2009. He worked for the original corporate plaintiff in 2005, at which time he was a notary public. His notarization appeared on the Zubitskiy sales agreement, used as evidence in the defamation lawsuit against me. Kazaryan testified at trial that he notarized the signature of Micheal Zubitskiy, but the judge ruled there is no basis to believe Zubitskiy exists, and Kazaryan's testimony was not credible.

Kazaryan answered the Complaint himself, without an attorney. He appears to have essentially maintained his original story, denying any wrongdoing on his part.

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