Hennepin County Government Center, downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota
Malicious Prosecution lawsuit
Gregerson v. Smith, Parker, et. al.

Petition for review of decision of the court of appeals

malicious prosecution
-Smith's answer
-Kazaryan's answer
-motion to dismiss
-punitive damages
-summary judgment
petition for review

On Dec. 8th, I filed (by mail) a petition for review with the Minnesota Supreme Court. The petition asks the supreme court to review the decision in my appeal to the Minnesota court of appeals.

The petition is limited to five pages, with the contents outlined in rule 117 of the Minnesota Rules of Appellate procedure. The document I wrote and filed is below, excluding the required appendix.

Petition for review of decision of the court of appeals

The Supreme Court has 60 days to decline or grant review of the court of appeals decision. Needless to say, the vast majority of petitions are denied.

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