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Videos of the Philippines, Minneapolis, and computer how-to

This is a newer section of this website, started in November of 2007, for video content. It will include video available as stock video, but focus on video of the Philippines, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and how-to videos related to Linux and technology. Any other useful content that lends itself to the video format will appear here. A few videos are also on a Youtube account I created at www.youtube.com/chrisgreger

Makati, Manila

A video montage of street scenes and skylines of Makait, the financial and shopping district of Manila, the Philippines.

Returning to Arlene's village, Barangay #10, Las Ud, Philippines

This short video shows our return to Arlene's village in Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. Her neighbors say hello, and we see some of her nieces and nephews. The languages you hear are Ilocano mixed with Tagalog and English. The American-sounding voice is me.

Fast Linux Shell tutorial

A short, fast introduction to several shell commands in linux: whoami, pwd, uname, whois, whereis, locate, df, and free. This was created with xvidcap, with the sound recorded separately and dubbed in kino.

Nicollet Mall

A short video of Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis at night, with Christmas lights

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